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The Suclon Crew. not finished but look.

2007-07-25 14:14:17 by DollarSoclon

The Suclon Crew Banner got a little messed up. so i will try to make it better. i'm searching someone who wanna join the crew. But the crew site is not done yet. i can ask my friend to join if they feel to.

The Suclon Crew. not finished but look.


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2007-09-01 11:08:17

gayest crew everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

DollarSoclon responds:

Nah... by the way.. The site is'nt even up!


2007-09-01 13:03:20

You should really shoot yourself. Do people make spin offs because they don't have lives or because they can't cut it at the CC?

DollarSoclon responds:

Well. i guess that's because we love the clock crew. And then we get the wonderful idea of making another crew


2007-09-02 15:45:05

lol, wut?

DollarSoclon responds:

Look at the Date!


2007-09-02 17:33:19

Did I like ban you from the CC or something? I know that 11 year old kid started that zombie crew thing. All I know is these spin offs are started by new clocks who just wanted more attention than they could get in the CC. It's really pathetic. If you like the CC so much then just let your little spin off die. The last thing the CC needs is another spin off.

DollarSoclon responds:


listen, the crew was never made! i did'nt wanted to!